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The Little Wax Shop at
Spa Breeze

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Get to Know Us

Spa Breeze started as a small wax boutique called The Little Wax Shop, founded by a passionate esthetician named Breezie. Breezie's goal was to provide high-quality waxing services that were both effective and gentle on the skin. She quickly gained a reputation for her excellent customer service and attention to detail, and her business grew steadily over the years.

Then COVID hit and almost took The Little Wax Shop with it; no in-person appointments for over 8 month makes it hard to keep a wax shop open, but Breezie didn't give up.


As soon as the order was given that in-person appointments were safe again she was back in the shop taking clients. It was slow going for a long while until she decided to revamp The Little Wax Shop into Spa Breeze; a luxurious 'Little' Spa. As the client base expanded, many of her customers began asking her about other skincare services. Breezie listened to their feedback and decided to expand her business to include facials, brow & lash services and other spa treatments. 


The spa uses only the highest quality products and techniques, and is dedicated to helping clients look and feel their best.

Despite its growth, Spa Breeze remains committed to the personalized and attentive service that Breezie first envisioned when she started the business. The spa's success is a testament to Breezie's passion and dedication, and to the loyal customers who have helped it grow and thrive over the years.

Contact Us


Glen Lennox Shopping Center

1201 Raleigh Rd., Suite AA

Chapel Hill, NC  27517


(919) 937-9020

Opening Hours

​Sun & Mon

Tues - Fri


9:00 am – 9:00 pm

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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